Know the maximum yardage your sight pins are set to at a glance.

Viewing a deer with Field Eye™ sight pin distance markers

If you have ever missed an animal or your desired spot on a target because you mistakenly used the wrong pin on your bow or crossbow sight; the Field Eye pin distance markers will ensure that it does not happen again!

The Field Eye sight pin markers are marked with numbers from 15 to 70 and each marker slides over your sight pin to represent the farthest distance your pin is set to.  The number on the pin can be seen as you pull your bow or crossbow up for a shot and while you are looking through your peep at full draw.

The Field Eye sight markers are constructed of military grade materials to withstand all hunting and shooting conditions.  You will never pull your bow or crossbow up again for the shot of a lifetime and not know which pin to choose.

Archery hunters and competition shooters spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on optics and rangefinders to ensure they are confident in the distance of their intended target and now for under $20 bucks they can be absolutely certain the correct sight pin is being selected for the shot thanks to Field Eye!!!


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